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Can CBD Oil Produce A High?

21 May 2017 by Austin Nordyke

A question that is often misinterpreted is, “Can CBD oil get you high?” For us to be able to answer this question thoroughly we should look at the many factors of cannabis and which of them actually produces a ‘high’. CBD oil is only one, of many, compounds of cannabis, which can either be marijuana or hemp. In turn, each plant and strain have varying amounts of THC, a psychotropic compound. In consideration, hemp has a very low measure of THC, meaning no one really ever gets ‘high’ from it, unless it is a specialty strain.

Therefore, can CBD oil get you high? The answer is, no. CBD oil cannot, by itself, produce a noticeable high unless it has traces of THC within the oil. Cannabidiol, also known as CBD is only one of many cannabinoids found in marijuana and hemp. Other cannabidiols are CBG, THC, THCA, and CBC. THC is the one that produces the ‘high’ effect.

If you desire to receive a high from CBD oil, one must attain CBD oil that has a noticeable amount of THC in it. Unless the CBD oil you purchase is a specialty strain, your safest bet is to find CBD oil with THC. To shine light on our products, we at Inspirit Hemp only sell CBD products that have CBD extracted from hemp.

One popular strain of marijuana is Charlotte’s web, which has a more potent amount of CBD than your average hemp strain. If you desire to receive a high from CBD oil, one must attain CBD oil that has a noticeable amount of THC in it. Assuming there is enough THC within the CBD oil, you will notice a difference between CBD oil with no THC and CBD oil that includes THC.

Our main purpose when it comes to selling our products is to give our customers, whom don’t desire to be ‘high’ all the time, a quality product they can feel safe with. We came across this discovery one day as one of the creators of Inspirit Hemp lived in a state where marijuana is not legal, Texas. In turn, he desired CBD oil without noticeable traces of THC. Another owner, who does live in a state where Marijuana is legal, did not want to live his day ‘high’ either. At the end of the day, he enjoyed the benefits of CBD without the THC. This was a major breakthrough for us: enjoying marijuana or hemp without the high. When we all discovered the benefit and enjoyment of using these products, a light bulb turned on and we thought, why not offer this service to more people like you!

In retrospect, while many people enjoy a ‘high’ once in a while, most people do not desire to live out their day while in this frame of mind. This is why CBD oil is the solution. You receive the benefits of cannabidiol without the effects of being ‘high’. Why not check out the section of our site that talks all about CBD benefits? We hope this article has helped and we are more than certain that with us, your CBD needs will be met and your questions will be answered.