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How Inspirit Hemp Stops the Agony of Sports Injuries

04 April 2017 by Rod Ensminger

Athletes and weekend warriors know just how painful a sports injury can be. Until recently, the only way to deal with the agony of sports injuries was OTC medications like Tylenol or Advil or a prescription pain reliever. Now, there’s a more natural way to relieve the agony of sports injuries – hemp! Here’s how hemp stops the agony of sports injuries.

How Inspirit Hemp Stops the Agony of Sports InjuriesActive Ingredient in Hemp Stops the Agony of Sports Injuries

The active ingredient in hemp is CBD. Unlike THC, which is the active ingredient in hemp’s cousin marijuana, CBD doesn’t cause hallucinogenic or other psychoactive side-effects. CBD works when applied topically. Recent studies have shown exactly how hemp works to reduce pain.

Our bodies have two different receptors which CBD clings to. When that happens, pain and agony for sports injuries is reduced or eliminated. These receptors are called CB1 and CB2. The CB1 receptors are in the brain and the CBD2 receptors are throughout our bodies in our immune system. The key to getting CBD to bind to these receptors is to have the right dose in the right method.

Best Way to Use Hemp for Pain Relief

Because CBD receptors are deeply embedded in the immune system and brain, it’s necessary to provide it to the body in a method that can be processed to reach those receptors. The dosage matters too.

Many products currently available on the market use too little hemp and/or provide the CBD in a manner which the body can’t process it to bind with the receptors. Topical applications need to absorb deeply into the skin. Most lotions and topical applications, even moisturizing lotions, struggle with this aspect.

How INSPIRIT Hemp Crème Relieves Pain

At INSPIRIT hemp, we’ve mastered the absorption factor. We also ensure that each tube of hemp crème has an appropriate amount of the active ingredient. We did this by using an exclusive liposome formula that also includes two essential oils for reducing inflammation.

When used properly, hemp reduces pain without side effects like nausea or dizziness commonly associated with other pain relievers. As a bonus benefit, applying INSPIRIT hemp crème to stop the agony of sports injuries is like giving yourself a small massage. If someone else is applying it for you, they can extend the massage aspect for even more pain relief.

Get your INSPIRIT hemp crème here! Don’t live with the agony of sports injuries any longer.