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Natural Pain Topicals Becoming More Sophisticated

14 April 2017 by Rod Ensminger

Topical pain relief is big business around the world, and now that medical studies have proven that OTC non-steroidal medications have side effects, some of which can be very serious.

The topical products have for years consisted of products that feature Menthol and Camphor, which while having some efficacy, also come in greasy formulas that can stain clothing and, more importantly, have strong odors. “We have learned, just from people asking questions about our products, that smell is very important”, states Rod Ensminger, Co-Founder of Inspirit Pain Products. “No one wants to smell like their grandfather did.”

natural pain topicalsIn today’s market, one of the biggest additions has been from CBD, made from Industrial Hemp. “Hemp has tremendous pain benefits, and it does not come from the marijuana plant, which allows products with hemp to be shipped to retailers in all states legally”, states Ensminger. “But, all topical pain products have to penetrate, otherwise, what is the point?  It will “sit” on the skin”.

And with companies realizing the potential of the market, to have products that offer relief, without side effects, they are becoming more attentive to how products penetrate into the skin, plus, what active ingredients (besides menthol) can be carried into the skin, that have actually proven benefits.

Without question, when looking at the topical pain market, “Targeted Pain Relief” is becoming a real way to treat pain. From Lidocaine pain patches to Icy Hot TENS Unit, there are a lot of choices out there for consumers.

“Our Company started out with the idea of doing a pain patch from Hemp, states Ensminger, “but when our Chief Scientist, along with our Formulating Team, found a way to have our Formula penetrate, we knew we wanted to get away from a patch concept, to a Crème that would number one, penetrate, and two, offer relief outside of the area where it’s applied. “

Pain is big business, from specific Pain M.D.’s to specific surgical procedures that implant pain pumps for people with back pain; from a medication perspective, it goes from Opiates, to Steroids, to Non-Steroidal, Aspirin and then Tylenol.

“Every one of those classes of medications has a pretty high degree of side effects attached, depending of course how much and how long taken”, states Thomas Hnat, Chief Science officer of Inspirit. And now with Liposomes that help carry actives across the superficial skin layers. “

Liposomes are a natural molecule that basically are a carrier to allow either drugs or other natural molecules to travel across the skin barrier. “In the case of Inspirit Crème, we use Liposomes to carry the hemp extract, as well as the two essential oils that are a part of our formula”, states Hnat.

Hnat specializes in Liposome and Sublingual delivery formulations. “The minute you have either medications or natural substances go through the GI tract, you lose effectiveness, because the absorption is erratic when going through the GI tract”; this is just the beginning for us, because we believe targeted delivery through skin will change the way both drugs and nutrients enter the body, states Hnat.

For more information about Inspirit and it’s targeted Liposomal delivery, visit our The Science page