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Absolutely! Our products are made from Imported Hemp, which means we meet the standards set forth by the FDA; our products can be sold into retailers, physicians offices, online or any other forms of distribution.

NO! Our Hemp derived Hemp has natural trace amounts of THC (which is legal, and help our products performance) , but certainly will NOT allow you to become “high”; it is safe to drive, work, work out, go for walks or any other activity while using our products.

It would be impossible with the crème, and with the upcoming Sublingual Tab, it also would be almost impossible. The urine drug screen for TCH-COOH does not cross react with Hemp products. Furthermore, you would have to take close to 1,000 tabs per day, and only then, it would be positive in 11%-23% of test assays. If the blood test was positive for hemp seeds, however, then it could be a positive test. But this is seldom tested.

For best results, start with a “half dollar” sized amount to start in the area you feel the most pain, and massage in well; our Liposomal Crème penetrates quickly, which means you will get an “overall” benefit to our Crème. You cannot OD or ever use too much, so repeat as needed, or increase the size area as needed. If you are applying to your joint, for example your knee, massage in completely AROUND the joint.

Basically, envision a sphere that is made from lipids (which assists in skin penetration), which in our case carries the Hemp molecules into the dermis. Liposomes are used in many dermal drug products, as well as in products dermatologists use to correct damaged skin. They are 100% safe!

Absolutely. The fastest route for any medication and or product is sublingual, as it bypasses the GI tract. Our Sublingual product is designed to stay under the tongue, and it dissolves quickly.

InSpirit products are not known to interfere with any medications. Again, let your doctor know you are using INSPIRIT Hemp if you are on any medications.

As safe as INSPIRIT Hemp Creme is, we recommend checking with your physician first before using INSPIRIT Hemp Creme or the upcoming INSPIRIT Hemp Sublingual.

You can probably tell, we as a Company operate on the side of being conservative with dosing and suggesting how INSPIRIT is used, so we suggest you talk with your doctor before using INSPIRIT Hemp with children. Having said this, many doctors do use Hemp derived Hemp for children.

While you cannot OD on INSPIRIT products, we do recommend cutting the dose in half to start, as children are smaller, and will benefit from a smaller amount of product. Again, we suggest checking with your doctor before using with children.

Every person is different, but on average, you should notice INSPIRIT working as fast as several minutes, to within 10-15 minutes.

This of course is a great question, but we have to be careful with how this is answered, because it may sound like we are making health claims. Many people use INSPIRIT because of pain and or chronic pain. There are many benefits to Hemp; the two best sources are, and if you go to, you will find these to be a great source to learn the benefits of Hemp.