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INSPIRIT Hemp is Rich in Terpenes:

In addition to having over 150 mg. per tube of INSPIRIT Hemp Crème, our Hemp is rich in Terpenes,Not only are Terpenes safe, but they provide much of the therapeutic role for Hemp in our products. There is something called the “Entourage Effect” with Terpenes, which essentially means that Terpenes work synergistically together to provide the tremendous benefits Hemp provides.

Our Agronomists have developed a Hemp that is tailored to our products, from our Hemp Crème to our upcoming Hemp Sublingual product.

Here are some of the key elements about INSPIRIT Hemp :

Our Formula is Liposomal:

Any topical product is only as good as it’s ability to be absorbed. In INSPIRIT’S case, our formula is Liposomal, which makes it absorb much faster, making our Hemp more bioavailable.

"The INSPIRIT Hemp Formula"

What sets us apart is the Terpene Rich Hemp and the two natural Essential oils, Cetyl Meristoleate and Boswellia Serrata.

The Inspirit Hemp formula works synergistically to reduce pain by first, absorbing so quickly, two, because of our Potency and the type of Hemp extract we use, and three, because of Cetyl Myristoleate and Boswellia (Frankincense) which are clinically proven to reduce pain, and, in the case of CM, increase joint lubrication.

The main driver of our formula however is our Hemp Extract, from a Potency perspective and the quality of the extract.

Our Crème comes in a tube:

This keeps our product not only more sterile, but does not allow air to get to our formula, keeping our product pure.

Every batch of our product requires a Certificate of Analysis. This testing is to meet strict InSpirit standards. We require Authenticity of being Organic, Non-GMO. Secondly, each batch is tested for Potency, Microbial, and pesticide testing. We ensure that our products are NOT subject to pesticides.

How do we measure quality?

Our laboratories utilize high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC/DAD) to provide full profiling. HPLC works by extracting a sample into a solvent, isolating the target compound, and employing a UV detector to measure concentration. Unlike gas chromatography, liquid chromatography does not heat the sample.

At the end of the day (and end of testing), we ensure our products meet the highest standards. We believe this is what sets InSpirit products apart from other products, and helps our customers understand that we set the bar in high standards for Hemp products.